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I am very gald to pass my test 1st time and I thank Elton for that. This is my first driving experience I am so happy that I have passed first time with 7 minor errors. Elton is an experienced, skillful and cool instructor. He is always punctual. All a student needs is focus, patience listening skills and & a bit of homework – Elton will do the rest to make you a safe and confident driver. He uses different methods for the same skill lesson if the student doesn’t understand.I have asked him about the same subject multiple times but he still clrified everything without complaining. I got frustrated a few times but we cool down so that I can ignore that and drive without tension. Just listen to Elton.’ (Santhish – Passed 12/5/17 – 1st time with 7 minor errors)

‘Amazing experience to learn to drive with Elton. He is an extremely patient instructor, success oriented, and gives you all the knowledge you need by teaching you good habits and behaviour while you are driving. He makes you feel confident in the car and if you following his training,you will realise that his rules will prepare you to do a right thing in every difficult situation. Big thanks for him for his flexibility and the extra care. As a result I have passed all my exams for first time.’ (Chubby – passed 18 April 2016 – 1st time pass – 2 minor faults.)

‘I passed first time and couldn’t’ thank Elton enough for being such a great driving instructor. His patience, calming presence and thorough teaching methods, as well as a great personality made learning to drive an exciting and fun process. Would definitely recommend him to any new learners.’ (Linda SE14, 24/5/16)

Taylors Driving School

Ahmad - 1st time Pass 13/4/16

‘What can I say. Elton helped me pass first time! Driving well, has a lot to do with confidence. Elton has helped me from nervous wreck…. to calm and comfortable behind the wheel.  I’d recommend the pass plus also as having just completed it, I feel more ready for the open road. Driving has become fun!’ (Ahmad SE15, 15/5/16)

‘Elton made learning to drive a pleasure from the moment I first stepped into the car. We worked towards a test date so the goal was always in sight. He helped to build my confidence in the car and on the road, whilst he was appropriately diligent in ensuring the skill level necessary to pass my test was evident. I would recommend Taylor’s Driving School to anyone looking to pass their test and gain realistic driving skills and knowledge. I can honestly say I enjoyed the experience a great deal.(Ben First time pass – SE10 April 2016)

Taylors Driving School - First time pass‘Elton was the first instructor that made learning to drive not only easy but also very enjoyable.He’s meticulous yet patient and very good hearted. I am pleased to say I passed first time and would very much recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive in London.’ Nicola (SE15)Passed 1st time 4/4/2016

‘I first started doing my lessons with a driving school I won’t name and every driving test I had I failed. I went for my fourth test and failed again. I realised that I needed to change my instructor. I then met Elton who was friendly and observed my driving for a little while to see where I was going wrong. He used useful phrases that would help with my manoeuvres and mirror checks. He took time to explain and show me through diagrams, what I need to do. I then went for another test. All the brilliant training I had received I remembered and passed my test. He really is a brilliant teacher.Natasha (SE28) Passed 12/04/2016

‘Before discovering Elton I had tried four different driving schools and felt uncomfortable with all their instructors. My first lesson with Elton convinced me that I’d found the right driving school. Nothing was too much trouble to explain and Elton drew diagrams and used different teaching methods to help me learn. I enjoyed being taught methodically and with a great sense of humour for all those panic moments. Elton is a calm and reassuring teacher. Passing first time was a massive bonus! I’d recommend that all learners use him, he is exceptional.’
– Charlotte SE16 (8th December 2015)

‘Elton Taylor has been my third driving instructor and I can quite easily say the best one by a country mile. He was patient with my mistakes and worked hard to help me to overcome them. Once my test was booked in he did everything to ensure that I had sufficient lessons and practice so that I had the best chance of passing. Unlike me, he had every confidence in my ability to pass, which I did first time. I have since done Pass Plus with Elton which I found very worthwhile and recommend for anyone wanting to be safe and confident on the road.’ Joe  – Lewisham, London (8th November 2015

‘I passed first time with Elton Taylor as my instructor. Having had a less than satisfactory experience with another driving instructor before I met Elton, I was naturally a little nervous when I started my lessons again. Elton was friendly, exceptionally patient and professional throughout, and more importantly, he is strict and thorough when it comes to understanding the importance of driver behaviour and road safety. I could not have asked for a better instructor or a better learning experience, and I would recommend him to any learners. Colleen  SE22 17/09/2015

‘Elton is a dedicated and professional driving instructor who is one in a million that I can highly recommend. I had Elton just over 2 months ago and passed 3 weeks ago with 7 minors. I am eternally grateful to Elton. Many thanks.’ Josephine  (SE15) 17/8/15

‘Elton was an excellent driving instructor really, easy to get on with and good fun he took the stress out of it and cares about his job. I wouldn’t recommend any one else! Cheers!’ Clyde – New Cross, London (17th July 2015)

‘I can’t recommend ADI Elton Taylor highly enough. I had to pass my test in a fairly short amount of time and, in no small part thanks to Elton, I passed with 4 minors. Elton really knows his stuff and is a fantastic teacher. He genuinely cares about his students and went above and beyond to get me ready for this test. I couldn’t be happier with the result and the tuition I have received from him.’
Scott – Deptford, London (9th July 2015)

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